Monday, February 7, 2011

Earl Cook Update

A few posts down you'll see a post called Earl Cook's Story. Melyssa and I created a five-minute profile on Earl, who is an amazingly determined young man fighting cancer.

Earl's story is pretty extraordinary. He was born with FASD, grew up in foster care and at the age of 19 was diagnosed with Osteogenic Sarcoma. Since his original diagnosis in 2007, he's had the cancer return seven times. But with some help from his close friends on the Detroit Red Wings, he's battling the disease with the most positive of outlooks. Watch the video and you'll see!

Anyways, it's only been about a month since we handed in the story but so much has happened with the story since we posted it online.

My instructor Steve Vogelsang sent TSN's Darren Dreger--who first introduced Earl to Red Wing's head coach Mike Babcock--the link to our video. On Thursday he tweeted the link saying "Earl's story is a good one and Jennifer and Melyssa did an excellent job telling it."

Yes, he called me Jennifer, but, really, Darren Dreger can call me whatever he wants considering the video went from 100 to nearly 800 views.

The most exciting part of this whole thing is that CBC National is now doing a documentary on Earl's story. I told a producer--who happens to be a family friend--about the project a couple of months ago. Earl and Mike Babcock did an interview for CBC's Information Radio and from there it has expanded into a TV documentary that will air across Canada. And when it does... Jennifer Cable, is taking full credit for shining a light on Earl's amazing story.


  1. And so you should Jennifer...I mean Jessica. Perhaps you can join us on March 18th when the documentary airs. It is slated to be on CBC radio "The Current" in the am and on CTV "The National" that night. You haven't told me your mark yet!!

  2. dear earl my name is joseph cloutier i have F.A.S.D too i will be telling my story in winpeg on 22nd and 23th of much your story keep me going on telling my story too. keep up the good work earl....

    i would like meet you too??

    my email is ( your feind joseph cloutier with f.a.s.d