Friday, November 20, 2009

Prime rib with a side of inspiration!

I'm not easily inspired; I'm not easily moved. I even used to force myself to cry during movies just because everyone else was. What I'm trying to say is that it takes something major, something really motivational, to inspire me... tonight I was inspired!

I, and six other CreComm friends, got to attend the Red River College 2009 Alumni Dinner to honour CreComm grad Dawna Friesen. It was a great time, with good food and lots of laughs. Walking out of the Fairmont (in my painful high-heels...ouchy!), I now feel that everything I want and aspire to "career-wise" IS possible.

We got to talk to Dawna Friesen (who is SO SO SO kind by the way) about her career as a foreign correspondent for NBC news. She has done so much as a journalist and covered so many important stories.

I, of course, had to ask her what Johnny Depp is really like. Apparently he's very shy... who knew!

In a video montage made up of a mixture of clips from Dawna's career she addressed us current CreComm's. I'm going to say, even with the risk of sounding utterly corny, that it was a very moving moment as she told us to pursue our goals and ambitions, and closed by saying she hoped to see some of us on TV one day.

Also, Steve Vogelsang, who hosted the event, told some pretty hilarious jokes about "streeters." Everyone laughed as Steve described the sweat that drips down our face while we're writing our story's, and our lack of motor skills when trying to work the stapler. I won't be laughing come the morning we're running frantically into the cold, trying to get that one person walking in the exchange to talk to us...

Oh, and the cake was delicious. I almost forgot that important detail!

(Rachel, Dawna Friesen, Kiran, Kim, Caitlin, Moi, Tammy)