Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How am I supposed to "take a joke..."

...when it's not funny?

Hmm... What's more offensive: the sexist message or the awful advertising?

I found this ad through a CBC article I read this morning and I, in total CreComm mentality, was more offended by the awful advertising strategy than I was by the actual message.

This ad is a part of a campaign for a condo project in Calgary, which is geared towards 20-something men. Another ad created by the same company reads:

"A $20,000 down payment is easier than scoring on a four-minute 5 on 3. And way, way easier than scoring with your waitress." (I wonder if this ad also has an image of a headless body stuffed with stereotypical manly objects)

We've been talking a lot about target audiences in advertising class lately, and I understand the importance of appealing to specific audiences. However, we've also learned that a good advertisement shouldn't alienate other audiences. Does this condo company intend for this to be a "men-only" building? Because their awful jokes and are setting them on that path...

Will Knoll discovered the ads at a bar and then posted them on the internet where they created a huge uproar. I'll leave you with my favourite quote from the CBC article:

"I probably wouldn't want to end up in a building with people who thought it was a fantastic ad," said Knoll.

I agree Will Knoll, I agree.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Charlie Magazine

This semester's magazine project began with pure excitement. Berea, Eman, Brietta and I would be creating a magazine all about chocolate. However, that momentary high quickly turned into anxiety, frustration and sleepless nights...(oh, and A LOT of chocolate consumption... but I'm not complaining about that one.)

Finally, after months spent with my pal InDesign, the project has returned to a more pleasant place. I am certain all my fellow CreCommers understand how satisfying it is to see everything FINALLY come together.

We shot the cover today (our final task) and it was so much fun just sitting back, watching, and eating all the props.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

"Souris, Manitoba is the place you want to be...

... if you like swinging bridges and a mystical tree."

That's just a little jingle I drummed up on the three hour ride out to Souris. I bet your all glad you weren't stuck with me...

Anyways, I've been inspired by Caitlin MacGregor's blog post about Portage to write my own Manitoba Travel Assignment timeline:

7:10 - Leave house.

7:20 - Can't figure out how to turn onto Honeyman. Call Melyssa for help.

7:30 - Pick up Melyssa.

7:40 - Can't figure out how to get to Berea's. Call Berea for help.

8:00 - Berea and Lennie hop into the mini van.

8:20 - Tim Horton's, of course.

10:50 - In Souris. Meet Jim at the civic centre.

11:15 - Jim takes us to the bird sanctuary (which is actually just a tiny, wooden barn).

11:21 - Jim warns us we will see a dead deer on the walk to the barn.

11:22 - Dead deer spotted. Berea and Lennie scream. I step in deer blood.

11:25 - Chilled in the barn with the Peacocks.

11:40 - Man waves to us. We all comment on how friendly people are.

12:00 - Swinging bridge.

12:20 - Get lost in Souris, which only has 4 streets. We're embarrassed. Ask lady at corner store for help.

12:30 - Find restaurant. Everyone stares.

12:31 - Waitress asks if I want fries or a salad with my burger. I tell her "fries, because I'm on vacation"

1:30 - Meet Mike at the Bakery.

1:32 - Berea eats a date square (who eats a date square?)

2:20 - Can't find magical tree. Lennie and I give up. Berea and Melyssa go forth and find the tree.

2:40 - Look at the map, which clearly tells you how to get to the tree.

2:42 - I sulk. Didn't get to hug tree.

3 - 4 - Walking tour of Souris. Meet Val at the Rock House and Connie at the Library.

4:30 - Stock up on food.

5-8 - Non-stop "MASH-O". (Berea will be living in a shack with 45 kids, driving a Porsche and working as a copy writer when she's older. It's true. MASH-O said so.)

8:15 - Drop Lennie off. Wave at someone driving by just like they do in Souris. He didn't wave back.