Saturday, July 17, 2010

My blood is boiling...


If there’s one news story that really gets people's blood boiling, it’s a story that involves animal cruelty.

Just read some of the comments on the
Free Press website regarding the dog hoarding situation in Gull Lake. 44 dogs were seized from a three-bedroom bungalow where they were kept in an extremely unsanitary conditions.

I was even more disgusted when I saw a CBC story, which showed a swimming moose towing two boats of teenagers from ropes they'd attached to its antlers. The group of teenagers videotaped the entire thing and then posted the footage to YouTube...

…is watching an animal drown supposed to be entertaining?

Grand Chief David Harper of Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak, the group that represents northern First Nations, released a statement saying:

“First Nations people believe an animal shouldn't suffer…however… these young people didn’t have a firemarm and acted on instinct to feed themselves and their families.”

I don’t buy it.

Here's the link to CBC's story (fast forward to the 3:00 mark).